OZCF Market Online FAQs

Can I order what is available online only, or can I order what I used to buy at the market?

We are only offering what is available online.  Right now, this is the most efficient way we can be of service to as many of our customers as possible.

Is this service only available as a drive-by collection at the market on a Saturday?

Yes at this stage this is the only option. We need to be able to test systems and processes, ensure the safety of our team members and customers, before we get too ambitious. If we can get this to work well, we will look to expand the plan, but will communicate about that if and when we do.

Can I pay at the market when I collect?

No. To limit physical contact, no cash or hand-held pay points will be utilised. Payment must be concluded at the time you place your order.

Can I collect without a car?

Unfortunately, not. To protect you and the market team, this service has been implemented to minimise contact.

Can I swap out products in my bag?

This is not possible as it will be too onerous administratively and logistically, at this stage. We will do our best to provide a box of balanced nutritional value. 

What if I am either late or unable to collect on the day?

We will keep your bag for an additional 1 hour. If you are unable to collect on the allocated Saturday, we can provide a bag the following Saturday, but you must confirm by email on the Tuesday beforehand.

Can you do deliveries?

Not at this stage. This may be a future option and again, we will communicate around this, if it becomes part of the service.

Can I not collect on another day?

No, unfortunately not. 

What if an item is not good when I receive it?

Most of the produce is perishable and should be washed, stored in clean containers and refrigerated straight after receipt. Produce such as spinach should be washed and refrigerated, with the bottom of the stems submerged in a small amount of water. If you have adhered to the above but are not satisfied with any of the items in your bag, you should send an email to market.orders@ozcf.co.za with your Name, Contact Number, Order/Collection number, and include a photograph of the produce with a short description. Please understand that this is a service we have embarked upon to maintain the spirit and philosophy of the market and ask that you show understanding and try to avoid being overly or unnecessarily critical if a carrot is soft or a piece of spinach is wilted.

How will I know that an item is organic?

Each week, on this website,  we will post a list of available produce, indicating which are organically grown. Please note, there is no organic certification in South Africa. Many of our farmers are PGS endorsed (Participatory Guarantee Systems) which is a peer review system whereby producers provide a formal guarantee that their products have been produced according to a recognized set of organic standards. Further info: www.saoso.org/certification   

Are my credit card and bank details safe?

Shopify and Peach Payments use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt all personal data that is sent over the internet from your computer.

How will I receive my order at the market on collection?

When you enter through the boom at the Granger Bay Parking please take the slipway into the parking garage. Security will direct you from there to the front of the market gates.

A market team member will come to your car. Please show your order number (preferably printed) through the window - it is not necessary to open the window.  If possible, please print out your order so that it is visible through the window.  If this is not possible, please ensure that you have your order and your order reference number available  for the market team member to view on your phone.  We want to avoid the touching of objects between our team and the customer where at all possible.

Your order will then be collected by our team and you will be requested to open your car boot or your passenger door and the order will be placed inside your vehicle. We have asked the V&A Waterfront to consider opening the boom at the exit to the parking garage.

How will I know that I received the correct order?

The reference number on your veg bag will match the reference number on your sale confirmation.

When can I complete my transaction?

Sales for collection on Saturdays will only open on Sunday and will close by Wednesday lunch time. This is to facilitate the timeous ordering of produce from our farmers.

What steps are we following to ensure safety?

The market is working with an event safety professional who is providing guidance.

Our Market team members are transported to and from their homes using private transport.  Any market team member showing any symptoms, will stay at home. We have issued buffs and gardening gloves. Gardening gloves are worn and sprayed with 70% sanitiser at regular intervals. Packing tables and general areas are regularly cleaned with soap and water.

The toilet facilities for staff are cleaned regularly. Soap, water and hand sanitizer are available.

Can I order products from other market traders?

We will first test the logistics of this system and will hopefully expand the offering to include selected products from our traders, as soon as possible. In the interim, we have provided the names and contact details for all our traders so you may order from them directly. Please support our traders.


A final word from us:

With your support, our Market has been operating through good times and challenging times for 7 years, building an interdependent food system that fosters community and nourishes urban residents. These challenges that we face currently are new to all of us, but we remain calm and level-headed.  We recognise that we have a responsibility to get healthy nourishing food to you from our farmers.  Together, we will get through this. Thank you for your continued support.